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MedLion offers Affordable Health Care Option for California Residents

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MedLion now offers affordable health insurance to Fresno residents.

Residents of Fresno California will now have access to affordable health care, thanks to MedLion, Inc. The company is offering direct primary care for only $59 a month. Seniors pay just $39 for coverage and the cost for children is $19. An office visit to a primary care physician is just $10.

MedLion is currently in Monterey, San Francisco, Mountain View, Oakland and Fresno, but the company hopes to expand nationwide in the next ten years.

In Fresno, Dr. William Work is the newest addition to the network of physicians affiliated with MedLion.

“As people lost their jobs during this economic downturn, so too have they lost their health care coverage and have either gone without routine, preventive medical care or turned to emergency rooms for their care,” said Work. “MedLion is the solution to the crisis of the under and uninsured by providing affordable comprehensive primary care and I’m delighted to be part of this cutting-edge model of care.”

The pioneering approach of enrolling physicians in a health care network provides access to healthcare that bypasses the financial burden of traditional health insurance.

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“MedLion is doing what no other health care model does in California,” said Samir Qamar, M.D., who developed MedLion in Monterey in 2009. “We close the gap between government run, employer sponsored and uncompensated charity care by offering affordable, high-quality, direct primary medical care without the hassle of traditional HMOs.

The affordable health care insurance option can also help small businesses with less than 50 employees save money.

Qamar said, “Our successful growth shows that Americans are desperately seeking options to high-cost health insurance plans, options that don’t require them to choose between paying the rent and taking care of their health.”

Now residents of Fresno California have an option for affordable health insurance, thanks to MedLion. Currently, one in four people lack health insurance in the area. In an effort to make health care even more affordable, physician affiliated with the company stay on top of inexpensive medication options, prescribing drugs that are affordable whenever possible, according to their website. If you need a physician specialist, they’ll work with you to find a physician with reasonable fees. Lab and other diagnostic tests are negotiated to provide up to 50% off traditional fees.

There’s one more positive note for patients. In addition to health insurance affordability; according to the MedLion website“…visits with our doctors are longer, more relaxed, and more personal.” That alone is worth the cost of health insurance.

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