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Mandatory Flu Vaccine Pushed for Healthcare Providers

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Infectious disease experts say all healthcare providers should accept the flu vaccine or accept unemployment. The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) believes it is a responsibility for workers in health care settings to follow policies. The group also thinks those policies should be strong, and they’re pushing for “attention and action”


SHEA says mandatory flu vaccine, even for healthcare workers not directly caring for patients, should be enforced.

Mandatory flu vaccine for health care providers is also supported by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). Richard Whitley, MD, president of IDSA says, "Given the debate that surrounded mandatory healthcare personnel vaccination during the last influenza season, we support and applaud SHEA for issuing a strong and unequivocal statement about the critical importance of healthcare personnel vaccination."

Group says Mandatory Flu Vaccine would Save Lives

The epidemiology experts say mandatory flu vaccine would save lives and should be given even to healthcare personnel not in direct contact with patients. That includes students, volunteers and contract workers not employed by patient care facilities. The statement is in preparation for the upcoming flu season.

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Flu season 2010 is being targeted as one of the worse in history from H1N1. Voluntary vaccination was met with little response.

To solve the issue of non-compliance, the SHEA group suggests flu vaccine should not be a choice for health care personnel. A survey from the RAND Corporation found that 39 percent of health workers had no intention of getting vaccinated in 2009, despite declaration of an H1N1 flu pandemic.

Dr. Whitley says strong policies mandating flu vaccine for healthcare personnel are needed. "Vaccination of healthcare personnel saves patients' lives and reduces illness. It also protects the individual worker from falling ill during influenza outbreaks and from missing work, which further impacts patient care.” He says there is scientific evidence that the risk and spread of flu can be reduced by forcing healthcare workers to take the vaccine or face unemployment.

The physician group says flu prevention needs a comprehensive approach that includes mandatory flu vaccine for health care providers, handwashing, cough hygiene, limiting visitors, isolation of infected patients and use of protective equipment.

Infectious Disease Society of America



Dr. Whitely and every other health care official involved in mandatory vaccination programs should be prosecuted for promoting crimes against humanity. The Nuremberg Code clearly prevents forcing individuals to have medical treatment against their will, or to participate in the functional equivalent of a vast experiment without fully informed consent. Forced-vaccination is also a violation of International Law, and it directly contravenes most Constitutions, Charters, and Oaths of Office. This is criminal, and these people who promote this by threatening Health Care Workers with the loss of their employment should be sued and/or prosecuted. Mandatory vaccination programs also violates Articles: 3, 5, 6, 12, and 19 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
So I guess we should ban other vaccines and return to epidemics of smallpox, plague, TB, rubella, etc...
As a health care worker being forced to submit to this vaccine, I see this as assault and battery by my employer and coerced experimentation by the drug companies. While the companies tout how effective vaccines are, their effectiveness is slim at best (see "Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults." Jefferson, Di Pietrantonj, Rivetti, et. al where analysis of multiple clinical trial including over 70,000 people optimistically indicate a 1% - 3% decrease in influenza after vaccination, or just start looking up their effectiveness on PubMed) and their safety is in question. Health care is big business and unless it is mandated by some agency, management does not do things for the benefit of employees. That is why those agencies exist. Multi-dose vials and some single dose syringes of the flu vaccine contain mercury as a preservative. Do any of you think that these health care centers are going to spend extra money to purchase individual non-mercury containing syringes, when the entire purpose of the mandatory vaccines is to decrease the money spent on employee sick-time? Heck, they are most likely getting a huge discount on the vaccine because they are guaranteeing a huge population to receive the shots. Why waste more money? And now the pharmaceutical companies get paid, they can use this information to coerce the general public into getting their vaccine EVERY YEAR making the really big bucks, and they can study the long-term effects of injecting their vaccines with mercury into a healthy, mostly female population. They already have a healthy, young, mostly male population, with the mandatory vaccine for the military, to compare it with. They can probably add the effects of maternal mercury on fetal and childhood health and development. There is evidence that healthy brain cells exposed to trace levels of mercury tend to develop changes consistent with Alzheimer's disease, possibly further accelerated by the aluminum and formaldehyde found in the vaccines. You have probably heard about limiting seafood consumption because of the dangers of eating mercury. Yet, you agree it is OK to mandate injecting mercury containing substances into health care workers! What about mercury contributing to autism? Won't that be interesting, to see how many female nurses, the largest group of employees in a hospital, will have autistic children above the national average. And those children will need drugs and hospitalizations for mental and health problems throughout their life. Should we mention the greater incidence of arthritis associated with these vaccines? Why bother when those workers will need drugs for the arthtiris and the pain associated with it, and pinning the blame on a multifactorial condition which is already highly prevalent will be next to impossible, even if the incidence is higher. How about Guillian-Barre? Well, those people will be hospitalized and on drugs pretty rapidly, so they will generate lots of revenue for all concerned. Besides, they can be replaced at work just as rapidly as the disease progresses, by someone healthy. Isn't it nice that the pharmaceutical companies will be able to sell medication to "treat" the Alzheimers, the autism, the arthritis, and all the health complications secondary to their vaccines? Even the ones we don't know about yet! What about the hospitals? Their employees with Alzheimer's will have to retired, probably disabled, and the hospital can say they have no responsibility toward them. The same can be said for those that develop debilitating arthritis. Besides, those groups have probably been working for a long time and are near the top of the pay scale. They can be replaced with less experienced and less expensive employees. The autistic children..."How sad". And for all, they will have a bed and drugs ready to care for their long-term health problems. So for hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers, mandatory flu vaccination is a long-term win-win situation, with the health care worker on the loosing end. All for a few less sick days.