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Maintaining Weight Loss after Low Energy Diet made Simple

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Maintaining weight loss after a very low energy diet can be difficult. Very low energy diets can help with weight loss and are often used by the medical community. They are considered safe, and provide fast results, but keeping weight off can be difficult. Researchers say “a simple tip” is to slowly revert back to eating normal foods after weight loss.

Findings from Swedish researchers have made it simple to maintain weight loss after a low energy diet by studying eating habits among 260 study participants. The scientists say they wanted to “assess what actually works.”

Patients given 12 weeks of a very low energy diet were compared. All 260 participants lost weight, and 169 lost an average of 16 percent of their body fat by consuming low calorie milkshakes and soups. One group took six weeks to transition back to normal food, and the other group took one week to revert back to a normal diet.

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Lena Gripeteg, researcher at the Sahlgrenska Academy reports, "After ten months the patients with the six-week refeeding period had gained 4 per cent in weight from their minimum weight, while the patients with the one-week refeeding period had gained eight per cent.”

The findings show that maintaining weight loss after a low energy diet can be successful by slowly reverting back to eating normal foods.

Weight regain after following a low energy diet is common, but simply taking time to transition back to more normal eating habits can help with maintaining a healthier weight, according to the study findings.

University of Gothenburg