Keele Maynor who Faked Breast Cancer to Repay Money, Sentenced

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Keele Maynor, who bilked time and money from employees and friends when she faked breast cancer, has been sentenced to 42 months in prison. The woman told co-workers she had breast cancer in 2008. Ms Maynor amassed 1,554.28 hours from fellow city employees in Chattanooga Tennessee in sick time.

Keele Maynor is also ordered to pay back 52 thousand dollars in restitution for receiving more than 10,000 in time off, donated from fellow employees and from contributions she accepted from breast cancer support groups.


Keele Maynor never had breast cancer, though she told everyone she was terminally ill from the disease. She perpetuated the hoax for five years, now saying she did it to "feel loved". When Keele Maynor was arrested she wrote in an e-mail that she was relieved at not having to "keep up the (breast cancer) charade anymore".

Criminal Court Judge Don Poole refused to give credence to testimonials that Keele Maynor suffers from a condition known as Facetious Disorder, saying, "I'm not going to give that any weight at all", but admitted the breast cancer hoax probably was the result of a need for attention. The breast cancer hoax also affected the emotional health of those who helped her.

Keele Maynor has been sentenced to pay back 52 thousand dollars after she serves 42 months in prison. She will serve two years concurrently for forgery. Judge Poole refused to concede to anything other than prison saying, "I have problems with somebody shaving their head and saying they have cancer. That was a terrible thing to do", explaining his decision.

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