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Jane Fonda Says Senior Exercise Videos "Very Doable"

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Jane Fonda who led women to better fitness in the 80’s talked about her senior exercise videos, titled “Prime Time Walkout" and “Prime Time Fit & Strong" on Oprah Winfrey. The 72 year old actress says she feels as good as she looks, and “it’s just getting better.” Fonda, who has had a hip and knee replacement, says the exercises are "very doable".

Fonda says at age 72, she realizes more than ever how important it is to remain active. "I've been writing a book called Prime Time: Creating a Great Third Act ... and in the research I did, it was clear that one of the most important things is to stay physically active. Not just for your body and your muscles, but for your brain."

Jane Fonda’s senior videos are designed for baby boomers, seniors and people who have never worked out. She says “it’s not marathon stuff.” During her demonstration of an exercise, she points out the goal is improve balance and “reverse the loss of muscle mass” that occurs with aging.

Fonda Videos Appealing for Seniors

An appealing feature of the senior videos is that Fonda says she never asks viewer to lie on the floor. She demonstrated a chair exercise designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles – an important target for preventing organ prolapse and urinary incontinence that can accompany aging.

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If you want to pre-order Jane Fonda’s senior exercise videos, visit her website. When it comes to fitness, Fonda says it’s never too late to start. Her first fitness video was one of the best selling of all time, selling 17 million copies.

Anne Parducci, Lionsgate Home Entertainment executive vice president of marketing and family entertainment says Jane Fonda’s message is “the key to aging successfully is staying active.”

In May 2010, the actress launched “World Fitness Day” to help get people over age 50 moving. Jane Fonda: “Prime Time Walkout" and Jane Fonda: “Prime Time Fit & Strong" are part of the actresses’ genuine passion to get people moving - this time without the leg warmers.

Jane Fonda and Oprah

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Good for Jane. Glad to see Mrs. Fonda being a good role model for many senior citizens and encouraging them to go to gym and exercise, living a healthier lives.