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Is your man a slob? It might be because of his job

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Men are better housekeepers when they are have certain professions.

A new study shows men that work in female dominant professions do more housework. That would mean male nurses; hair stylists and perhaps teachers would make good spouses for women. That is, of course if a clean and tidy home is top of your list.

Conversely, if your man is a slob, it might be because he works too much or at job where he's around mostly men.

Women working with mostly women are better housekeepers too

The study showed the reverse is also true. Women who work in female dominated professions do 14 percent more housework.

If a man moves from a male dominant job to one that mostly employs females, a woman’s chores around the home diminish.

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The finding that comes from Elizabeth Aura McClintock, PhD, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Notre Dame, found men working alongside of mostly women do 25 percent more housework than, let’s say, construction workers or other professions that attract mostly men.

McClintock who studies the effect of careers on romance, found even single men spend more time cooking and cleaning, depending on their career.

The finding busts stereotypes that a woman’s place is in the home and is based on US Census data from 1981 to 2000.

Men tend to do more around the home if a woman increases her work hours but back off if they’re collecting more overtime, the study also found.

Even when men shift from a job that is male dominated to one with more women they seem to do more work in the home. The study authors say perhaps its because men learn to have more empathy when they hear women talking about how had it is to meet job demands and keep up with domestic chores.

A special note of caution for men though is to go easy on some household chores – a past study showed men who help too much around the home may find themselves having less sex. The finding shows men are better at doing household chores when they work around more women than men. Is it time for your own spouse to get a new job?

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