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How Fox59 helped college student who has Crohn's disease

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Fox59 recently helped a college student with Crohn's disease. The news agency's intervention will hopefully raise more awareness of difficulties experienced by people diagnosed with the disease.


Fox59 recently helped a student battling Crohn's disease in a big way. Jordan Louie, diagnosed with Crohn's disease in his freshman year, found himself in the hospital and away from the classroom. What that meant was thousands of dollars lost.

After enrolling in Indiana University and being hospitalized several times, Jordan found out his father could only get reimbursement for missed classes one time.

According to the Fox59 news report, Jordan has said he struggles with keeping up with classes combined with doctor and nurse visits.

"It used to be constant nurse calls every day," Louie told the news agency.

After the first reimbursement, a series of denials were issued by IU, costing Louie's family thousands of dollars.

The result was even more stress for Louie than he already felt from incurring medical bills, which is a risk for Crohn's disease exacerbation.

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John Louie, Jordan's dad, went to Fox59 for help because he thought the IU policy unfair.

" It was like he was being penalized just because he was sick,” John Louie said.

College reverses policy

Fox59 reported it took just one day for IU to respond to their request to revisit their policy. The denials were reversed

This year the school policy was reversed.

Jordan says he's done well in all of his classes, despite having Crohn's disease. He explains he would also like to see his professors show more understanding about why he has to unexpectedly miss classes. Thanks to the news agency and Jordan's father advocating for his son, IU is more aware of Crohn's disease and the very often unexpected difficulties those diagnosed with the disease experience day to day.

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