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Three things to do and you're ready for health insurance enrollment

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Signing up for insurance under the Affordable Health Care Act is easier than you might think

Enrolling in health care really is simple. You can go to your insurance agent, insurance company or to the healthcare.gov website. There are some things you should know before you enroll. You also should consider why it's important to have health insurance.


You can get help enrolling for an insurance plan under the Affordable Healthcare Act easily. Consumers need to have three things available to make insurance enrollment go smoothly.

Once you have gathered your information you’re ready to go to the healthcare.gov website. If you have trouble enrolling, remember you can still call an insurance company directly.

One of the most important things to remember is that it’s extremely easy to enroll in healthcare insurance under the Affordable Health Care Act. Failure to enroll can result in fines that can take a chunk out your household budget, not to mention the cost of hospitalization or other medical care that can occur without insurance, leading to potentially devastating financial loss for you and your family.

To enroll for health insurance you will need:

  1. Current insurance information for you and your family including policy numbers
  2. Pay stubs, W2 forms and tax information
  3. Social security number, full name and birth date of everyone you’re enrolling in addition to immigration document numbers when applicable.

Why we all need health insurance

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When deciding whether or not to enroll, consider the following:

  • Your annual physical exam with lab and preventive screening could be zero co pay versus almost $500 without insurance
  • A “sick” visit to the doctor costs more when you don’t have insurance – money you may not have when the unexpected happens
  • Mammogram and other wellness screening for women are zero cost with insurance but could cost more than $200 without an insurance plan

Preventing diseases with screenings like colonoscopy, blood sugar testing, mammograms and prostate cancer screening saves lives. Early detection of colon cancer is associated with a ninety percent survival rate according to the CDC. Early diabetes detection lowers the odds of severe vision loss 50 to 60 percent and risk of amputation as much as eighty-five percent.

Enrolling in health insurance is easy under the Affordable Health Care Act, but if you’re still not convinced, speak with an insurance company or agent to explore your options. Approximately 100,000 people have signed up for health care coverage so far and compared to last year, there have been no major glitches. Open enrollment started November 15 and ends February 15, 2015.


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