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How to boost college grades without going to the library

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Joining a gym can boost GPA for college students

Boosting your grades in college could be as easy as joining a gym say researchers.

Investigators at Michigan State University found students that were members of the recreational sports and fitness centers on campus academically outperformed freshman and sophomores not members in a new study.

In addition to have higher GPAs, students who spent more time in the gym were more likely to stay in school longer.

College students who exercise stay in school longer

The finding highlights the importance of giving students access to sports and recreational facilities that would in turn improve college retention rates said James Pivarnik, a professor of kinesiology and epidemiology at MSU who led the study.

It also supports past studies that exercising boosts IQ.

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The study, published in the Recreational Sports Journal, found GPA was 0.13 percent higher among students with gym memberships.

Pivarnik said the higher GPA may not seem significant but "...in the end, that amount could mean the difference to those students on the cusp of getting into graduate school or even advancing to the next academic year.”

In the study that included 4,843 freshman and sophomores, just 60 percent of freshman who didn't belong to a gym gained sophomore status. Seventy four percent of those who did exercise continued to their second year in college.

“The results of this study are important because not only are we retaining more students, but we’re retaining those that have higher GPAs which is good for everyone,” Pivarnik said.

If you want to boost your GPA in college, consider joining a sports and fitness facility. The researchers for the study didn't explain why being a member of a gym improved college academic performance. What we do know is that exercise:


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