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Hilarious video reveals men know little about female anatomy

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Buzzfeed video shows men know nothing about vaginas

A video from Buzzfeed shows just how little men know about female anatomy. They have a cursory knowledge about how to stimulate a women, minimal knowledge of what lies within a woman's' vaginal opening and it seems men also know very little about menstruation. One even thinks urine flows from the vagina.

One guy did get something right though. He even knew the term urethra where urine really comes from - which by the way men have too.

Men in the video are holding a plastic vagina that seems to befuddle them. Of course, the model isn't exactly like the real thing, but still...

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The vagina is not a predator organ, nor does not have an "A side and a B side".

Menstruation may always be a mystery to men, so we'll leave it at that.

Fortunately, men can sharpen their vagina knowledge by watching an explanation in this video:

Thank you Buzzfeed for letting us know men have no idea what lurks inside a woman's vagina, where eggs come from and what happens during menstruation or where pee comes from. Now we have a chance to fix that.



Made my day : ^ ) But you know what--teaching anatomy, I've discovered that a lot of young women were clueless as well to some vagina basics and had a lot of misconceptions; but, were inexplicably more knowledgeable and accurate about the penis. Go figure.
Wow - go figure. Someone should do a video with women explaining lady parts. That too would be hilarious I'm sure. Glad you enjoyed Tim.