Group Urges Pope to Change Condom Policy

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The International AIDS Society (IAS) is urging Pope Benedict to change his policy on condoms, noting comments from the Catholic Church that condoms could be used in certain circumstances.

IAS President Elly Katabira said, ‘While I appreciate this is a significant shift in policy by the Pope, there is still a long way to go in convincing the Catholic Church that condom usage is key to the elimination of the HIV virus which currently claims two million lives every year’.

HIV Professionals ask for Strong Support from Pope for Condom use


The group is asking for a stronger statement from the Pope and the Catholic Church about acceptable use of condoms. They are asking for all out support to stop the transmission of HIV, citing that their use is “scientifically proven” to prevent spread of the disease.

In 2009, the Pope said condoms aggravated the AIDS problem. The IAS retaliated, saying the Pope’s comments were “irresponsible and dangerous”, making it difficult to fully appreciate the latest statements that condoms could be used, for instance, among male prostitutes.

Though the organization that includes HIV clinicians, researchers, public health professionals and community practitioners from 190 countries views the Pope’s stance on condom use as a step in the right direction, they feel a more substantial change in the Catholic Church’s policy would have a bigger impact for fighting HIV and AIDS. They are asking civil organizations and other religious communities to advocate that the Pope and Catholic Church change policy on condom use and take a stronger stance.


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