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A great way to get exercise and still be a couch potato with the sofa bike

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No need for couch potatoes to worry about exercise with the couchbike.

Okay, we know you don’t want to get off the couch and miss your favorite reality TV or other show. So to help you out, here’s the perfect lifestyle addition so you can be a healthy ‘couch potato’. This time we have the ‘couch bicycle’ that has been around for a few years, but like me, you may have missed it.

The sofa bike comes in a variety of options. All you have to do is add a couch to the frame of the bicycle. The options are endless.

So, I’m thinking you can sit on the sofa and watch TV. Then, during those endless commercials, pedal your sofa bike around the room or down the street and back and get yourself planted right back in front of the tube.

The photo accompanying the article is only one example of a couch bicycle. There are several other options to choose from with a simple internet search.

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One person traded in his car for a couch bike. You can read more about the many adventures that are possible with a couch bike at The Bicycle Forest.

Here’s a sampling of the fun a sofa bike can bring to your life. If you just can’t get off the couch, consider taking your sofa with you for some exercise.

If you are a self-proclaimed couch potato, it’s okay! There are other ways to enjoy your couch. Just take your sofa with your for some exercise.

Consider investigating the multitude of options for a couch bike, or search sofa bike on the internet. You’ll be amazed at the creative choices out there that can improve your health and definitely get you noticed. The sofa (if you want, there are chair bikes) gives couch potato a whole new meaning, wouldn't you agree?

Image credit: http://www.designboom.com/design/sofa-bike/