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Grape seed extract compound that kills cancer cells isolated

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Researchers now know the exact compound in grape seed extract that kills cancer cells.

Here's a bit of very happy news. After more than a decade of research scientists have pinpointed the exact compound in grape seed extract that kills cancer cells.


A compound, called B2G2 has finally been discovered as the most active component of grape seed extract that could now potentially be approved as a cancer treatment.

Scientists from University of Colorado Cancer Center have synthesized the compound in the lab and shown that B2G2 in grape seed extract (GSE) kills prostate cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.

Alpna Tyagi, PhD, of the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences said in a press release: "This naturally occurring compound, GSE, is a complex mixture of polyphenols and also so far it has been unclear about the biologically active constituents of GSE against cancer cells.”

What that means is it has been difficult to get the FDA to approve clinical trials. Now that the researchers have been able to isolate the compound, the hope is to advance B2G2 testing for human cancer treatment.

Tyagi also explains it has been difficult to purify B2G2 from grape seed extract.

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“It’s expensive and it takes a long time to isolate B2G2 from grape seed extract,” Tyagi says.

But the researchers have now found a way to synthesize the compound in the lab quickly and inexpensively.

Isolating the grape seed extract compound "...is an important step because now we have the ability to conduct more experiments with the pure compound. Ongoing work in the lab further increases our understanding of B2G2′s mechanism of action that will help for the preclinical and clinical studies in the future,” Tyagi says.

The study is published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer. In addition to fighting cancer, grape seed extract could help treat asthma, keep blood pressure lower and more.

Finding natural treatments for diseases like cancer, diabetes and other chronic conditions is important. Anyone who has dealt with cancer treatment understands how toxic traditional chemotherapeutic drugs can be. Grape seed extract would not harm healthy tissues, could provide better quality of life for patients undergoing treatment and would be a blessing.

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My name is Brenda Sanchez and I work for E&J Gallo Winery who produces Grape Seed Extract. We have a water extraction only and our affiliation with the winery allow us to produce a large amount of GSE. Please let me know if we could contribute to your studies in any way.
Hi Brenda - We don't do any studies, we report them. This research was done by University of Colorado. You may want to contact them directly. Thank you for reading and commenting!