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Five ways to see the doctor now without leaving your home

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Online doctors

Patients no longer have to struggle to get to the doctor's office or wait anxiously for an appointment. Here are 5 ways to connect with a medical doctor now without leaving your home.


Going to the doctor unnecessarily is painful and costly. But so is ignoring symptoms and becoming ill while you wait and wonder what's going on with your body.

Now there is Dr. AI. The artificial intelligence personal physician stands ready to talk to you about your health symptoms and make appropriate recommendations.

The artificial doctor will connect you with reading resources, a virtual physician, guide you to a specialist or perhaps schedule a doctor's appointment.

Dr. AI is launched by Health Tap; trained by more than 105,000 physicians and touted as being personable and empathetic when it comes to delivering health care advice and guidance.

How Dr. AI works

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Of course, Dr. AI isn't a physician in the usual sense. But based on symptoms, your age gender, medical history and other questions the artificial intelligence doctor will ask, you can get a recommendation for what to do next.

HealthTap’s Health Operating System (HOPES™) uses preprogrammed algorithms to search for the root cause of your health problem or symptoms to guide you to the right level of care based on physician expertise.

Getting to the doctor or knowing what kind of doctor to go to can be easier. You can access Dr. AI through the
HealthTap website or iOS or Android apps.

No more excuses for searching the internet endlessly to find out why you're having symptoms. There are many tools avilable to help health care consumers and Health Tap's Dr. AI is just one of many.

Other options for doctor advice:

  • You can receive a $49 "virtual" visit with a doctor through Bon Secours Health System
  • You can also join Bumblebee MD for a low annual fee. You'll be connected when you need it to a board certified Medical Doctor.
  • You can talk with a physician 24/7 through Walgreens too in all but 7 states in the US. Online physicians can write prescriptions, but only for minor ailments.
  • FreeMD is also a virtual, AI physician guided program that is completely run by licensed MDs and updated quarterly. The program also uses an algorithm to triage your symptoms and guide you to the best level of care.

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