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Fart absorbent cushion: Why it's good for your health

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Fart cushion makes it easy to expel flatulence at will.

Now there is a health gadget that takes the embarrassment out of farting. It’s the absorbent fart cushion that is sure to contribute to your own personal happiness as well as those around you.

What makes some people have excessive flatulence, otherwise known as frequent farting? The reasons can be numerous. Not only is the problem embarrassing, but it can mean spending time alone.

The absorbent fart cushion is designed to soak up those ‘oopsies’ that can happen at work and is linked to aging. and the type of diet we eat. With this cushion you can still blame the cat or dog for the noise because no one will find the source of the odor.

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Excessive farting is usually the result of the normal digestive process – but it’s one most of us don’t particularly enjoy. Gas production from the breakdown of bacteria within the intestines when they digest sugars and polysaccharides is perfectly normal, but if you experience pain and bloating, make sure to see a doctor.

How can the fart cushion improve your health? It means you no longer have to suffer from the risk of high blood pressure. Did you know farting lowers your blood pressure? A good laugh is also good for hypertension and this is a funny, but pretty practical product.

When you want to let one rip, just cough or clear your throat. No one will hear the toot if you don't have a pet nearby to blame. Another option to account for those expulsions that are not so silent is to swear you were practicing 'armpit farting' as an excuse for the guy or gal in the next work cubicle.

We think everyone should be allowed to expel flatulence at will, but with consideration for others and without the risk of social isolation. Farting can keep blood pressure lower when we release hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Doing so relaxes the blood vessels. If you need some help, consider the fart absorbent cushion that is also very discreet.