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Facelift without Surgery Worth Considering

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A cost effective and non surgical facelift worth considering is offered by Cynthia Rowland, creator of Facial Magic. According to Rowland, in her book The Magic of Facial Exercise, you can revitalize your face in as little as three months with isometric facial exercises that make a surgical facelift completely unnecessary.

The idea behind The Magic of Facial Exercise is to simply exercise your face just like any muscle in the body. The notion that non surgical facelifts work is supported by Mark Berman MD who is past president of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons. According to Dr. Berman surgical facelifts are not a permanent solution to sagging facial muscle, they take a toll on the pocket book and come with health risks.

Dr. Berman says, “The non surgical (facelift) method is through regular exercise of facial muscles and this can be accomplished effectively without any of the health risks, expense, and pain or scarring of surgery or injection. I’ve seen the results and it works!” He adds, “…this is a medically sound method of achieving and maintaining a more a more youthful facial appearance with the capacity of obtaining results that are comparable to those that can be achieved by surgical means.”

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The Magic of Facial Exercise teaches how to exercise the face for a more youthful appearance, with no health risks and without the expense of cosmetic surgery. The non surgical facelift technique taught by Cynthia Rowland, who is also a co –host of The Ageless Sister radio show, is to use the resistance exercises aided by the thumbs and forefingers. Performing facial exercises regularly has the same effect as a risky, painful, and costly surgical facelift according to the author. Rowland says you can turn back the aging clock ten to fifteen years. You can see the benefits of the isometric facelift within 3 months.

You may want to explore The Magic of Facial Exercise. According to Cynthia Rowland, “Many people are beginning to understand that surgery should e the last resort when they’ve decided they’ve ‘had it’ with a puffy, out of shape face, rather, they are opting for a safer and saner option. One that keeps them from spending loads of cash and doesn’t risk their live. That choice? Facial exercise!”

You will learn from Cynthia Rowland’s discussion of the possible after-effects of plastic surgery, found in The Magic of Facial Exercise that include “bat brow” from Botox, “Ping Pong” and “Pillow Face” from epidermal fillers, “Trout Pout” from lip plumping procedures, and “Skewiff Eyelid” that can occur when eye-lift surgery is performed incorrectly. The chapter is titled The Funny But Not so Laughable After Effects of Plastic Surgery. Cynthia also points out the number of women who have had bad results from facelifts in the UK who have launched a campaign to better regulate the cosmetic treatment industry.

The Magic of Facial Exercise uses isometrics and resistance to provide a facelift without the need for surgery and the associated risks and expense. If you are simply addressing the effects of aging, you may want to try facial exercises to improve sagging skin and regain a more youthful appearance. Rowland says cutting perfectly healthy tissue to remedy the effects of aging that include sagging eyelids and drooping eyebrows makes no sense because it robs the skin of nutrients and needed blood flow. There is always a need for more. The Magic of Facial Exercise is an alternative to a surgical factlift worth considering for anyone looking for a more youthful appearance.

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