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Ecopsychologist says Gulf Oil Spill Result of Disturbed Thinking

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Dr Michael J Cohen, an Ecopsychologist and program director of the Institute of Global Education suggests the gulf oil spill is the result of money addiction and exploitation of our natural resources brought about by disturbed thinking. Rather than cooperating with nature Dr. Cohen says we have become addicted to money and exploitation of our living planet. He suggests the gulf oil spill can be seen as a “terrorist sabotage-suicide act”, brought about by disturbed thinking that leads us to believe it is okay to destroy our natural environment.

According to Cohen, “This mental disturbance is the underlying source of most of our recent extinctions, forest depletion, pollution, abusiveness, greed, social injustice, violence, oil spills and mental disorders. They will continue because we don't address their source in our 'dead earth thinking,' even though, Applied Ecopsychology, an enabling remedy for it, is readily available.” The gulf oil spill is a hard core sign that money addiction and exploitation takes precedence over seeking ways to cooperate with nature.

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Cohen’s belief is that society has taught us to think like terrorists against the natural world, and the gulf oil spill is a sign of our “disturbed psyche” that makes it acceptable to exploit and terrorize our natural surroundings rather than cooperate with and benefit from nature. He says, “The Gulf oil spill can be seen as a terrorist sabotage-suicide act that destroys our living planet, Mother Earth.”

Dr. Cohen has been teaching students to reconnect with nature for years. According to one of his students, "What I'm attracted to is that the earth is alive, and a living, breathing, vibrating, conscious organism. Many times when I think of the earth like this, I sense that the earthquakes and volcanoes we have had recently are birthing pains as the earth changes within. I've also been thinking of the earth as a body and myself as a cell within that body. It's been a powerful image and I plan to create a meditation based on it. This connection with nature creates a vibrancy in the moment that ingrains itself deeper in my mind allowing it to be preserved." The gulf oil spill is the result of our “nature-estranged beliefs” that socialize us to sabotage 'Spaceship Earth,' just like suicide bombers are trained to blow up airplanes while they ride them”, says Dr. Cohen

The gulf oil spill should be viewed as “terrorist sabotage-suicide destruction” of our planet, says Dr. Cohen. The gulf oil disaster stems from disturbed thinking. Our mental health has suffered from a disconnection with the natural world – findings that have also become a recent focus of researchers seeking to find ways to promote a mentally healthier society. The gulf oil spill may indeed be much more than an environmental disaster. Dr. Cohen’s suggestion that addiction to money and disturbed thinking that terrorizes our natural resources has lead to the gulf oil spill - and that a solution for improving individual and planetary health does exist – are timely and important messages.