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Easiest way to lose weight this spring and summer

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Gardening and weight loss

Nothing says lose weight like impending summer. This time of year lends for an easy weight loss activity through gardening that is worth considering; for good reasons.


Getting out into the garden has many advantages besides weight loss. The physical activity alone can help you burn calories, but there are more reasons you may want to plant some fruits and vegetables and flowers.

Benefits of gardening for weight loss:

Tips for getting started

  • Start slowly. Before you begin any exercise, speak with your doctor. You'll want to take your time in the garden. Overdoing any activity can thwart your exercise and weight loss goals.
  • Stretch before you start digging and planting. Gentle stretches will help prevent injury.
  • Wear sunscreen and apply insect repellent or wear protective clothing when you're performing gardening activities.
  • Set aside a set amount of time each week to devote to gardening. Consistency will help you achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Don't be afraid to pull weeds. You'll be working your muscles and boosting your energy expenditure if you do it by hand or even with a hand tool versus using harmful chemicals.
  • Avoid heavy lifting, but do try to move as much mulch or compost as needed to help build muscles.
  • Stay well hydrated.
  • If you feel you don't want to garden on your own, consider creating a community garden.

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Weight loss through gardening have many advantages, but is sometimes underestimated. Hauling mulch, digging, pulling weeds and mowing could be the extra boost you need to keep moving. Studies show just smelling rosemary can boost brainpower and improve your mood.

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