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Dwindling Fertility Makes Women Sexually Adventurous

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Women with dwindling fertility are more likely to be sexually adventurous compared to younger and menopausal women. According to scientists, women between 27 and 45 years of age experience heightened sex drive in response to limited years of childbearing. The study, titled "Reproduction expediting: Sexual motivations, fantasies, and the ticking biological clock", is the first to show how women behave sexually when fertility dwindles.

Researchers studied women with dwindling fertility to find that as menopause approaches, women between age 27 and 45 were more likely to experience sexual fantasies, engage in one night stands, become more sexually active, think about sex more (and with younger men), and be more willing to have casual sex.

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The findings came from questionnaires answered by the women who were separated into three groups - high fertility (ages18-26), low fertility (ages 27-45), and menopausal (ages 46 and up). The women also said they fantasized equally about their current romantic partners as they did past partners, contrary to what the researchers expected.

The study authors say women with low fertility become more sexually adventurous not because they need to go “baby crazy’ but “that instead these behaviors manifest in all women with declining fertility. It may be more difficult to conceive past the age of 35, but our research suggests women's psychology will continue to motivate them to try until menopause." Heightened sex drive seen in women with dwindling fertility is a way to capitalize on remaining childbearing years.

Sexual escapades associated with declining fertility are nothing new. The authors say women become more sexually adventurous from increased libido as fertility declines as the result of deep rooted psychological and evolutionary mechanisms. More women are waiting to have children until their 30’s – they are also more likely to engage in adventurous bedroom behavior and experience increased libido compared to younger and menopausal women.

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