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Is drinkable sunscreen safe or effective?

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Drinkable sunscreen: Could it work?

Is there really such a thing as drinkable sunscreen that can give the same protection as SPF 30 lotion? According to a Colorado company just a mouthful of magnetized water can protect you from harmful UV rays. But does it work and what kind of science is behind the ingestible sun protectant that is also labeled as harmonized water?

Drinkable sunscreen science sketchy

According to the American Academy of Dermatology you should be wary of claims made by the company who claims they have infused water with electromagnetic properties to neutralize UV rays before they ever reach your body.

The Evergreen, Colorado based company, Osmosis Skin Care, is selling the harmonized water for $30 fo 100 ml. That's just a little more than 3 ounces of water.

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If it sounds too good to be true then it just may be.There doesn't seem to be an science behind the electromagnetic water for preventing sun exposure damage. Nevertheless, the company claims you'll get 3-hours of sunburn protection from a mouthful of the stuff.

How it's made

Dr. Ben Johnson is the founder and formulator of the drinkable sunscreen that is the first of its kind. Dermatology experts warn you should not replace your topical sunscreen and sun protective clothing with the product.

Johnson said he developed the product after becoming frustrated with chemical sunscreens that he had to apply on his children. He then looked into "cancellation waves" for UVA and UVB that he infuses into the drinkable sunscreen to circulate in the body. It takes just 2ml of the product that reaches the skin surface in about an hour, but how it's done is a "proprietary secret". Johnson says "harmonized water" has received "rave reviews" and is not harmful. The company has been selling the sunscreen for two years. He admits it doesn't work on everybody and it isn't being sold as an SPF product which is why it is not FDA regulated.

For now it may be best not to rely on sunscreen that you can drink. Consumers claim it works for them. But the American Academy of Dermatology warns you should continue proven ways to protect yourself and your family from sunburn with SPF lotions, hats, clothing and by seeking shade. Drinkable sunscreen might work - but then again it may not.



This seems like a viable option since it has no harmful effects to the body or the earth unlike topical sunscreens that have wreaked havoc on our reefs. Just one drop of sunscreen kills ten to twenty feet of reef! You don't even have to be at the beach for it to kill reef! When you shower and in goes down the drain it ends up in our oceans where it causes so much damage to a critical part of our ecosystem. Stop using topical sunscreen! There are other alternatives like bioastin, which is all natural and made in Hawaii. I am glad there are other non-volitile products like this doctor is creating to keep us safe and not kill our only home. Government should start banning things that are hurting us. Until then it is up to all of us to take due dilligence and research the products we are purchasing to make sure our hard earned dollars are going to products that make sense. Be well.