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Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation's ten finalists: Why everyone is a winner

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Dr. Oz announces ten finalists for Transformation Nation weight loss challenge.

Dr. Oz has been leading the country to help with the obesity epidemic. Today his show focuses on stories from people who have transformed their lives from weight loss. He has paired up with Weight Watchers and Sharecare to help others and today ten finalists are being announced, but in the end, it seems everyone involved with the Transformation Nation challenge is a winner’.

It’s easy to find the excitement Transformation Nation has generated. Comments on Dr. Oz’s Facebook page include the following:

“I joined WW in late January and am loving it!!! I have struggled with weight my entire life and have tried so many other methods out there. Nothing else even came close to the success I'm having with WW. I've lost 30 lbs. so far and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon! Also have a friend that's been doing it and has lost over 115 lbs. in a year. He's been a great coach & inspiration to me along the way, along with all the great people I've connected with at my weekly meetings.”

“…Weight Watchers is definitely not a diet. It is changing ur lifestyle. I was heavy my entire life, and WW has showed me a New Me! Someone that I love and wish that I was a long time ago. But it is never too late to start the program. And yes it is a sure Winner!!

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Another commenter said, “I have lost 90lbs since Jan 2011 and now at goal...I feel great and look like I've never looked before.”

One contestant shared that she has gotten off of her diabetes and cholesterol medication thanks to the Transformation Nation challenge, writing, “I missed the final weigh in by like a day and emailed sharecare but nope... Whatever hit 60 pounds total loss last week and went to the doc as part of the stipulation for transf nation and no cholesterol meds or insulin for me... I'm my own winner!!!”

Dr. Oz is giving away one million dollars on May 23. Visit his Sharecare page and vote for one of the ten finalists taking part in the Transformation Nation challenge that inspires you the most. If you want some healthy eating tips, take the quiz to learn how you can start cooking and eating healthier for weight loss. You can also calculate your BMI. Cast your vote and inspire others at the same time. The finalists also have recipes, weight loss and exercise tips to share to help others.

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