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Curcumin pretreatment helps destroy ovarian cancer cells

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Ovarian cancer cells pretreated with curcumin become more vulnerable to chemotherapy, found by researchers from Sanford Research and the University of South Dakota. Curcumin is the ingredient responsible for the numerous health benefits found in the Indian spice turmeric. Delivering curcumin to ovarian cancer cells using nanoparticles could make ovarian cancer less resistant to chemotherapy.

Scientist studied the effect of curcumin on ovarian cancer cells that were resistant to chemotherapy; a problem that can occurs during cancer treatment and is the target of much research.

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The study showed that pretreatment with curcumin allowed lower doses of cisplatin and radiation treatment needed to suppress the growth of the cancer cells. The result would lead to less toxicity and fewer side effects for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Subhash Chauhan, PhD, one of the study authors says pretreatment with curcumin using nanoparticles will improve sensitivity for ovarian cancer treatment and chemotherapy delivery. The study opens the door for animal studies and clinical trials based on the findings that curcumin pretreatment destroyed resistance ovarian cancer cells.

Incorporating natural therapies like curcumin to treat ovarian cancer can lead to less toxicity from chemotherapy drugs. Nanoparticles make it possible to get curcumin into ovarian cancer cells for pretreatment because the spice ingredient is poorly absorbed by the body.

Journal of Ovarian Research



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