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This Is What Mango Might do for Weight Loss, Perhaps More

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Mango and weight loss

A series of studies presented at the 2016 Experimental Biology Conference suggest mango really might be a super-fruit that could aid weight loss, combat the health effects of obesity and perhaps more.


The sweet fruit of the mango tree was recently studied for it's potential role for helping combat the ill effects of obesity. Because the mango is a great source of fiber and low in calories, the Mango Growers Association funded several studies that were presented recently.

Mangos could help reverse adverse effects from obesity

One study, done on rodents, suggested mango could help mediate inflammation that occurs from eating a high fat diet.

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Researchers fed mice a high fat diet for 12-weeks in addition to supplementing the rodents' diet with freeze-dried mango pulp.

The findings showed mango pulp lowered triglyceride levels compared to control group of mice. Mango also reduced inflammation in the gut that can interfere with gene expression.

The study authors concluded: "...mango supplementation in high fat feeding modulated some of the adverse effects that accompanies high fat diet-induced obesity."

The study doesn't definitely mean mango can do the same for humans, but it does point to unique benefits that were not previously known. Also mango is a fiber food that can help us feel fuller for longer periods of time. Fiber also helps fight constipation and resultant bloating.

The next time you need a sweet snack, you might consider mango that also contains over 20 nutrients. Research suggests the pulp of the fruit could also help with weight loss and obesity by stopping the growth of fat cells, shown in lab, (in vivo) studies.