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Barack Obama and Joe Biden "get physical"

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Barack Obama and Joe Biden show us their workout

Michelle Obama isn't kidding about her "Let's Move" campaign and to prove it she is promoting President Obama and Biden working out. But instead of wearing exercise attire, the two political figures simply go for a jog to show us how it's done in a video that has none gone viral.

The pair are wearing white shirts, slacks and ties as they go for a jaunt down the White House halls and then outside a bit. Obama and Biden even show us the importance of stretching in the video below.

The video was created to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Michelle Obama's campaign to get American's moving.

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If you listen, you will hear Obama saying to Biden: "Okay, let's do this thing! Let's Move". And lest we forget, it's important to stay hydrated after exercise. Biden and President Obama are now officially a part of the First Lady's "Let's Move" campaign. as they vow to repeat "getting physical" at the same time, same place next week. Did anyone else notice the dogs are not exercising?


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