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Animals Trust ONLUS on a mission to save dogs in China

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Nobody Touch the Dog campaign launched by Animal Trust

Animals Trust ONLUS is on a mission that spans the globe. They are a dedicated group of caring individuals who partnered in 2013. Founder, Sergio Barbesta and other two partners formed the group to provide an international voice for animals that could help stop abuse and neglect and help preserve our natural environment through petition, education, volunteerism, activism and networking. Their newest mission is to help dogs in China.


The group's latest cause is called "Nobody Touch the Dog" and is aimed at the Chinese government. Their goal is to stop the dog meat trade, mistreatment and slaughter of dogs inChina. They are asking others to join them.

The petition to stop dog meat slaughter and consumption in China has reached one half million signatures.

Animal welfare group on a mission

There is momentum in China in help the dogs from animal welfare groups who have gone as far as stopping trucks loaded with people's pets and strays.

Animal Trust has a new campaign that they are hoping will go viral. It involves pledging to make a video "A Song for Dogs". The group says they won't stop until they reach their goal of stopping 50,000 dogs from being killed in China every day, 18 million every year and 34 Dogs every minute.

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Below is a video from Animal Trust and others joining the "Nobody Touch the Dog" campaign:

The Facebook page highlights animal abuse that occurs regularly in the US and other countries. There are links to petitions you can sign to take a stance against animal cruelty and help promote animal protection laws.

The group also maintains their Animal Trust page on Facebook that you can follow.

A recent post shows photos of young Chinese men who hung a Husky, Chinese dog and a puppy because they said it was "fun". And yet, no laws exist to have them punished.

And if the pleas from other members and the campaign isn't inspiring enough, watch this YouTube video. You can make dogs happy by getting involved.

What the group needs is supporters. You can join the Animal Trust ONLUS, donate, sign petitions and just share what they're doing to raise awareness. If you're inclined, perhaps you can even make a "A Song for Dogs" video.

Image credit: Pixabay