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After Seeing This You Will Put Down Your Phone and Won't Pick It Up For The Rest of The Day

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Cell phones run our ability to be in the moment

Just maybe cell phones and other technology keeps us so busy that we forget to enjoy life's moments to the fullest. After seeing this video you really might just put down your phone for the rest of the day.

What happens from too much technology?

Studies have shown we are losing our ability to communicate and with each other, even when we're sitting right next to friends.

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Other studies suggests too much time spent texting and talking on the cell phone destroys creativity. In fact mobile technology has also raised physical health concerns such as text neck. Have you ever heard of it?

How often has your child or friend turned to their phone during a social event to text, answer a call or who knows what else?

That's not to say technology is all bad. Cell phones can save lives in an emergency and keep us connected when we cannot be near loved ones.

Texting to your partner can cause relationship problems, spending too much time on the computer instead of spending quality time with your spouse has also been found to lead to lower marital satisfaction. The video below shows how disconnected we have become. The scenarios are familiar to all of us.

Rather than relying on your phone to capture life's moments and for communication, consider putting it down today. Go visit a friend and talk face to face. Take a walk in a safe, populated green area with a buddy without your phone that is proven to give the brain a creative boost, lift depression and boost immunity. Spend time looking at your partner - and definitely - do not take your cell phone to bed or anywhere near the bedroom.