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Acne can lead to psychological disorders for teens

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Teen acne

Acne can lead to psychological problems for some teens. Most teens view acne as a cosmetic nuisance. However, a study review finds some adolescents experience mental heath issues from acne that can destroy quality of life.

Acne impact on self-esteem

Findings from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center suggest the impact of acne on self-esteem can lead to depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts that should be considered by clinicians when taking a medical history.

Steve Feldman, M.D., a professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest Baptist conducted a review of published studies finding the psychological impact acne has on some teens. He also found parents are not always educated about treatment options and dietary intervention that can reduce anxiety and depression for adolescents.

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Dr. Feldman says acne “…is a medical condition and there are some really good treatments. Teens afflicted with acne shouldn’t have to suffer. They should talk to their physician.”

Not all teens with acne have difficulty coping, but Dr. Feldman notes, for others the condition can have a “potentially large and negative impact on their lives or it can have a small affect.”

The study found acne can lead to psychological disorders for some teens. The authors recommend physicians conduct a thorough medical history to screen adolescents for mental health issues associated with acne during adolescence. The findings are published on Dermatology Online Journal.

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