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Drop Smoking During The Great American Smokeout 2008

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Quit smoking on the day of Great American Smokeout 2008

Public smoking laws are frequently ignored. Most recently, India initiated a smoking ban, but many experts wondered if it would work. A major impetus to save lives through smoking cessation will save millions of lives worldwide. The Great American Smokeout 2008 is the latest effort to curb a genuine global health issue of smoking. Today is a focus of much attention to encourage Americans to stop smoking.

The New England Journal of Medicine, earlier this year, published a paper warning that deaths from smoking in India could reach a million by 2010. Lead author Dr Prabhat Jha, at that time, speculated that bans on smoking "might save several hundreds of thousands of lives if well implemented and enforced."

The Great American smokeout 2008 will not only reduce deaths from lung cancer, but will also reduce hospitalizations for lung and cardiovascular diseases. It will protect others from passive smoke inhalation, a genuine health problem for all of us, especially our children.

The American College of Cardiology just published a study showing that exposure to passive smoke is almost inescapable, evidence by their recent study of the effects of indoor and outdoor pollution on the health of our blood vessels, even in non-smoking homes.

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Government officials, and hospitals from all over the United States support the Great American Smokeout. Today put down your cigarettes for twenty-four hours. Many states have posted help-lines to encourage success. Lung cancer remains one of the leading causes of death, but the impact of tobacco addiction extends far beyond cancer. Cardiovascular disease is also on the rise, placing a significant burden on our healthcare system. The effects of tobacco contribute to hypertension, complicate asthma, and simply ruin quality of life, especially with aging.

The Great American Smokeout, if successful, can have far-reaching implications for longevity and overall individual health, decreasing mortality from all causes. Reducing the economic burden to our healthcare system is a constant focus when budgeting healthcare dollars.

If you make the decision to participate in the Great American Smokeout 2008 (and you should), drink plenty of liquids. Get up and take frequent walks. Exercise can provide some of the same effects as Nicotine. Set out a jar, and place your first savings in it – watch it grow. Ask a partner to participate in the Smokeout with you, and genuinely support each other. Take healthy snacks to work today – replace Nicotine craving with carrot sticks, apples and celery. Speak with your doctor if needed. Prescription drugs are available to help.

No matter your personal approach, we sincerely wish you success, as you take the leap to participate in the Great American Smokeout 2008 on this national smokeout day. There will never be a better day – you are greatly supported in your endeavour.

Help lines for the Great American Smokeout are available at Quitline (1-800-ACS-2345), sponsored by the American Cancer Society. You can also visit their web site at http://www.cancer.org/greatamericans.



Hi, I quit smoking on May 5th 2007. I remember the day because I heard on the radio that it was Cinco De Mayo. I was a 2 and a half pack a day smoker of Winston lights and quit cold turkey. Here is how to do it. First and foremost quit when you wake up! You have already gone through the worst craving you will ever have while you were asleep. Second, Quit for YOURSELF. That is the one thing I disagree with in this article. Quit because you want too and don't try and bring someone else into it. They may just set YOU up for failure because if you smoke then they can too. My Wife still smokes and it doesn't bother me one bit. I quit! end of story. Third, It IS and addiction. You WILL go through withdraw. Patches, lozenges, gum, etc are all just new delivery systems for your addiction. One day you will have to go through the withdraw so just deal with it. Don't replace one type of way to get your nicotine with another. Forth, The easiest way out is often through. I dealt with my cravings by closing my eyes when they would hit me and feeling every bit of the craving. I would let it wash over me just like the nicotine hit used to do. The craving would pass in about the same amount of time the Nic-Hit would and then I would be okay. I also had just had a few minutes relaxation too. A little break, just like the cigarettes used to do for me. Fifth, You are strong enough. Decide to quit. don't try to quit. Make the conscious effort to put in your mind that you are now a non-smoker. Look back on your life and remember that you were strong enough to get where you are today and that hasn't been an easy journey for anyone. Remember the times in your past when you were strong and believe in yourself. Keep doing the exercise in #4 and know that you will be alright. This is how I did it and I don't even have the cravings like some people do even years later. If you have a craving just remember that first craving you fought off. That was the worst one. If you got through that one then you can get through THIS one and if you start again you will have to face that all over again. In conclusion. Quit for YOU. Let the craving become a time of relaxation. Do it because you know you can.
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