NFL in on Breast Cancer Awareness

Kathleen Blanchard's picture

This year the NFL is in on breast cancer awareness. The NFL website, A Crucial Catch, offers valuable tips for breast cancer awareness month.

To support breast cancer awareness, the NFL has partnered with the American Cancer Society. You will find players, coaches and referees wearing pink game apparel. You will even see pink ribbon stencils on the NFL playing field, special K-balls and pink coins.


Proceeds will be forwarded to the American Cancer Society and team charities from a planned auction of the pink apparel worn during breast cancer awareness month by the NFL.

Tools at the NFL breast cancer awareness site include signing up for a free mammogram, e-mailing a reminder to a friend for mammography, signups for walks to raise money and awareness, a petition to sign to Congress to help women get breast cancer screening, regardless of ability to pay, and ways to volunteer.

If that is not enough, the NFL breast cancer awareness site also includes up to date information about how to reduce your risk of the disease. The NFL is pitching in to raise breast cancer awareness, and so should we all. Visit the site to get involved.