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Heart Attack Best Treated With Chewable Aspirin

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If you are befuddled, about which aspirin is best to prevent heart attack, worry no more. Researchers have found the best aspirin for heart attack prevention by looking at how quickly three different aspirin types are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Your doctor has told you that aspirin prevents heart attacks. Lives are saved because public education delivers the message that taking an aspirin if you think you are having a heart attack might prevent heart damage from occurring. Dr. Sean Nordt from the University of California, San Diego tested the three available aspirin option to find out which aspirin is best for heart attack.

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Volunteers for the study either swallowed a whole aspirin, chewed and swallowed regular aspirin, or chewed and swallowed a chewable aspirin. Afterwards, blood samples were taken to find out which type of aspirin entered the bloodstream the fastest. Knowing how quickly aspirin gets into the bloodstream can help prevent heart attack at the onset of symptoms of chest pain.

The results revealed that chewable aspirin is best for heart attack, regardless of whether it is swallowed or chewed.

The research is simple, but extremely important for patients, family members, first responders, and health care providers. The findings show which type of aspirin contributes to better management of impending heart attack. The study shows that administering a chewable aspirin, swallowed or chewed, is the fastest way to get the blood thinning benefit of aspirin into the bloodstream; essential for helping with heart attack prevention.