During Pregnancy Never Forget Seat Belt

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Declining to wear a seat belt during pregnancy can lead to injury. Contrary to popular belief, seat belts worn during pregnancy prevent injuries, and are not found to put unborn babies at risk.

Researchers from Wake Forest University examined databases that included 2400 pregnant women injured in motor vehicle accidents, to find out if seat belts worn during pregnancy cause harm. They discovered that seat belts prevent injuries, and do not cause complications when worn during pregnancy.


The study shows that pregnant women should feel confident about wearing seat belts. Pregnant women involved in car crashes without a seat belt, and in automobiles without air bags were found to have the highest incidence of complications from injury from motor vehicle accidents.

Wearing a seat belt properly during pregnancy can reduce the chances of injury to mother and baby. According to the March of Dimes, pregnant women should always wear a lap and shoulder seat belt. Wear the shoulder belt between your breasts, and to the side of your belly, rather than directly across the stomach. Adjust the seat belt so it is snug, to protect you and your baby from being harmed during a motor vehicle accident.

Studies repeatedly show that wearing seat belts can prevent injuries. Many pregnant women believe that seat belts can cause harm to their unborn child. The findings of the current study show that seat belts prevent injuries, and should be worn during pregnancy.

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