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High dose Vitamin D recommended over age 65

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Taking high dose of active forms of Vitamin D is found to reduce risk of falling for those over age 65. A new study, published in BMJ shows that taking 700 to 1000IU of vitamin D2 daily reduces fall risk among elders by nineteen percent.

Reducing fall risk among older people is important to prevent fractures and disability. The researchers for the current study found that less than 700IU of vitamin D had no benefit for preventing fall risk, leading to recommendation that those over age 65 take 700 to 1000IU of vitamin D daily.

Taking active forms of vitamin D was no more advantageous than 700-1000 IU supplemental vitamin D taken daily. Active forms of the vitamin are more costly than standard supplements and can elevate calcium levels in the bloodstream.

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Vitamin D3 reduced fall risk in those over age 65 by twenty six percent. Vitamin D2 was found to reduce risk of falls by nineteen percent.

According to the study, “one in three people over age 65 experience at least one fall” each year. Previous studies have shown that vitamin D improves strength and balance, explaining the benefits of taking vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency in elders is also associated with severe muscle weakness.

The findings from the study suggest that all individuals aged 65 and older should take at least 700IU of vitamin D daily to protect from fall. The researchers say more studies will show if even higher doses of vitamin D would be even more beneficial for elders.

Source: BMJ