Tai Chi effective therapy for vestibular disorders

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Results of a new study show that Tai Chi can be an effective therapy for dizziness caused by vestibular disorders that stem from a variety of underlying causes. Tai Chi has been recently studied for the benefits it can provide for improving balance and reducing dizziness from underlying vestibular disorders.

Dizziness can become a major problem for anyone suffering from the effects that disturb balance. Dizziness, lightheadedness, and loss of spatial orientation increases risk of falls, fractures, and hospitalization. Motion sickness associated with vestibular disorders can cause nausea and vomiting.


Typical therapy for vestibular disorders includes drugs, and head and eye maneuvers designed to rehabilitate individuals suffering from vertigo and dizziness. According to the new findings, Tai Chi might also be included as an effective therapy to reduce dizziness, especially if conventional measures fail. The current study also supports past studies that Tai Chi could help patients suffering from vertigo.

The small study included 21 volunteers engaged in a Tai Chi program for eight weeks. Questionnaires were provided to assess symptoms of dizziness and balance loss. Assessment also utilized the activities-specific balance confidence scale and dynamic gait index survey, before Tai Chi therapy and at the end of an eight-week course.

The study group reported improvement in symptoms of dizziness and loss of balance from vestibular disorders after engaging in Tai Chi exercises. The scientists say Tai Chi can help improve balance and coordination in patients suffering from vestibular disorders because it focuses on coordination through relaxation rather than muscular coordination.

Source: American Academy of Otolaryngology



Wow, that's so incredible. I didn't know that <a href="http://www.learntaichinow.com/">learning tai chi</a> could help you with so many ailments! I'm thinking of signing up for a class soon, but I'd prefer to do it at my own gym. They don't offer a class yet, but I'm trying to get them to start one!