Get A Fitness Boost With Exercise and Laughter

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Try giving your workout a fitness boost with a bit of laughter. Since laughter is gaining popularity for its known health benefits, we might as well incorporate a bit of laughter into our daily exercise routine.

Imagine the fun when you lunge and laugh. According to some, you can literally "laugh your abs off", finding increased fitness levels when you engage your abdominal muscles during exercise through laughter. Laughter is very important, even hospitals use it to enhance cancer treatment.

Mirthful laughter can improve fitness, by increasing cardiac output. Laughter increases the heart rate. Exercise, especially combined with laughter relieves tension and forces us to engage muscles we might not otherwise use, especially our abs.

When we perform any type of exercise, we use our abdominal muscles. Laughter can potentially make our workouts more effective. "Laughtersize" is a catchy form of exercise.

You can find seminars focused on relaxed, humorous fitness classes. Exercising our funny bones, as well as our bodies can have much benefit for overall health. Laughing during a fitness class can improve blood flow to the brain. Endorphin release may get an extra boost, contributing to pain control and stress relief.

Finding health through laughter is becoming mainstream. You really do not want to be left out of the fitness benefits of importing a bit of laughter into every aspect of your life. We all know that fitness can become routine and boring, leading to failure.

Most of us reach a fitness plateau, finding it necessary to spend more time exercising. Try a bit of cross-training by laughing your way through your workout. Adhering to a fitness routine is more successful when you have a partner with the same goals. Find a friend who is interested. Let us know what you think.

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