List of HAPPYBABY and HAPPYTOT foods under recall

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The FDA has issued a warning against consuming HAPPYTOT and some HAPPYBABY foods because of the potential for bacterial contamination. Handling the baby foods also mandates thorough handwashing to protect yourself and your family from possible infection from the baby foods. The foods should be discarded safely so pets and children cannot access the pouches of baby food that are widely sold in retail stores.

None of the HAPPYTOT foods Stage 4 are considered safe. HAPPYBABY foods, stage 1 and stage 2 in baby food pouches should also be discarded. The baby foods are distributed by Nurture, Inc.

The FDA is investigating the possibility of bacterial contamination after the HAPPYTOT and HAPPYBABY food pouches were reported to be leaking and swollen, indicating the potential for bacterial growth. The firm is recalling the following products on the list below:


• HAPPYTOT Green bean, pear & peas, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00127 9;
• HAPPYTOT Sweet potato, carrot, apple & cinnamon, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00128 6;
• HAPPYTOT Spinach, mango & pear, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00129 3;
• HAPPYTOT Butternut squash & apple, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00130 9;
• HAPPYTOT Banana, peach, coconut & prunes, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00131 6;
• HAPPYTOT Banana, peach & mango, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00132 3
• HAPPYBABY Mango, NET WT. 3.5 OZ. (99g), UPC 8 52697 00134 7
• HAPPYBABY Spinach Mango Pear, NET WT. 3.5 OZ. (99g), UPC 8 52697 00139 2
• HAPPYBABY Apricot Sweet Potato, NET WT. 3.5 OZ. (99g), UPC 8 52697 00136 1

No illnesses have been reported from the HAPPYTOT and HAPPYBABY foods, and the FDA is currently investigating the company’s manufacturing process.

According to the FDA website, “Consumers who see swelling, leaking, or packaging problems in any HAPPYTOT Stage 4 or HAPPYBABY Stage 1 or Stage 2 pouched baby food products should discard the products in a way that will keep people and pets from retrieving them, and should wash their hands thoroughly after handling the packages. Store personnel who handle products involved in the company recall should wash their hands thoroughly after handling packages of these products.” You can report any problems and complaints related to HAPPYTOT OR HAPPYBABY foods at:

According to the Happy Baby website, the foods were shipped to 250 stores in mid December. “We’re asking that you don’t feed these products to your child and instead return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. We are voluntarily recalling all packages produced in the last batch, of which we believe there to be a packaging defect that could have affected less than half of one percent. Those products with the defect could swell up and leak. If you have fed any product to your child, we have no indication at all from extensive lab testing that you should be concerned.” The HAPPYTOT Stage 4 line affected was distributed mid- December 2009. The HAPPYBABY Stage 1 and Stage 2 products were introduced in January 2010.