FDA Issues Deadly Listerosis Contaminated Sausage Recalls

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Sausage Recall

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced the recall of approximately 750 pounds of sausage products, found contaminated with the deadly Listerosis bacteria.

The firm, T. Piekutowski European Style Sausage, produced the products on Dec. 18, 2008, distributing them in unmarked packages at their retail counter in Saint Louis, Missouri. None of the packages carry the USDA mark of inspection, though the Listerosis bacteria was discovered through FSIS routine microbiological testing, prompting the sausage recall. The Krakow sausages, wrapped in various sizes were likely purchased by consumers December 18th and 19th. To date, no illnesses have been reported from the sausage recall.

The recalled sausage contains the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, rare bacteria that can prove deadly, especially for anyone with a compromised immune system. Children, elders, anyone undergoing chemotherapy, and those with HIV may be especially at risk from Listeria infection.


Symptoms of Listeria include stiff neck, high fever, headache, and nausea. Listeria can grow in the refrigerator, spread by improper hand washing, and with contaminated cutting boards. Healthy people are not at high risk for contracting Listerosis from the recalled sausage, but ingesting the contaminated sausage can potentially cause illness.

This is the second sausage recall from Ohio this month. On December 19th, the FDA also issued a recall of one pound of Sopressata sausage products, from DeNiro cheese in Youngstown, Ohio. The packages weigh approximately 12 ounces, and carry the label "Nostrano SOPRESSATA MILD SAUSAGE, PRODUCT OF CANADA." The product code is "91009". "CANADA 476A" can be found inside the Canadian inspection mark.

The sausage recalls are a reminder regarding safe food handling, especially during the Holidays. Remember to clean up kitchen spills, and wash cutting boards with hot soapy water between food preparations. Wash your hands thoroughly when you finish preparing food dishes, taking special care after handling meat.

Consumers who are concerned about purchasing the recalled sausage from Missouri should contact Owner-Operator Ted Piekutowski at (314) 534-6256. Company President Greg DeNiro should be contacted at (330) 746-6011 regarding consumer concerns about the Youngstown Ohio sausage recall.

The contaminated sausage have each resulted in a Class I recalls, meaning the health risk is considered high. FDA officials believe the contaminated sausages could cause serious health issues, including death if consumed. For more information, visit the FSIS website.