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Willet dairy targeted for animal cruelty - choose vegan

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Mercy for animals has targeted Willet dairy for cruel treatment to cows. In a film, a worker was found sticking his finger in the eye of a calf to gain control while he burned off the animal’s horns in a painful procedure without anesthetic. The undercover video is another reason to choose healthy vegetarian foods.

The reasons that animal cruelty exists seem to be related to power. Individuals who abuse animals obtain some sort of joy from inflicting pain on animals perhaps because they cannot defend themselves. Watching what happens to animals who are abused highlights the benefit of choosing a vegetarian diet.

Animal workers who abuse are likely to also abuse humans. There has repeatedly been found to be a connection between individuals who abuse animals and human violence. Willett dairy has 7000 cows and who knows how many psychologically deranged employees. At the farm workers were found hitting, kicking, punching, and electric-shocking cows and calves.

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The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Northeastern University found in a 1997 study that those who abuse animals are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people and four times more likely to commit property crimes compared to individuals who would not abuse animals. At Willett dairy, Mercy for Animals went undercover to videotape employees docking tails of heifers, and burning their horns without painkillers. The practice is controversial and banned in Europe.

The focus of workers who abuse farm animals should be toward identifying and isolating those workers. According to the ASPCA, “In recent years, a strong connection has been documented linking animal abuse and domestic violence. A New Jersey study found that in 88 percent of families where there had been physical abuse of children, there were also records of animal abuse. In Wisconsin, battered women revealed that in four out of five cases, abusive partners had also been violent toward pets or livestock.”

Sadly, Mercy for Animals said it took its video to Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelman and "the law enforcement agency refuses to uphold the state's laws to protect animals - allowing abuse to continue at Willet." Apparently, the practices seen on videotape that obviously are inhumane were found "to be in acceptable norms in the dairy industry”, even though tail docking is widely opposed by the American Veterinary Medical Association, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, and is banned in Europe. It seems it takes a “special” person to work at Willett Dairy, and there is at least one “special DA in Cayuga County. We should consider switching to soy milk - packed with protein and fiber. Mercy for Animals advocates a vegan diet, choosing "kindness over cruelty", for better planetary and individual health.

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