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KFC double down sandwich tested

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KFC is testing consumer reception of their double down sandwich, consisting of two pieces of the Colonel’s original breaded fried chicken filets, bacon, Swiss cheese, pepper jack cheese and a topping dubbed “the Colonel’s sauce.” The sandwich part is the chicken – there is no bread used to make the Kentucky Fried Chicken double down sandwich.

The double down sandwich from KFC is being tested in Rhode Island and Nebraska. The sandwich is being met with rave reviews from consumers who apparently are not concerned about eating fried foods.

Fried foods are known to be the worse for contributing to atherosclerosis and heart disease, though KFC says the double down only contains 31 grams of fat. If all you eat is the double down sandwich all day, you should have no problem with the fat content.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken offers grilled chicken fingers, leading us to believe they might be turning the corner by offering healthier foods. The double down sandwich looks good, but with bacon, and fried chicken, savvy consumer concerned about health may be hard pressed to buy.

The KFC double down sandwich is still fast food, and it is fried food. Eliminating the bread does cut carbs and calories. Instead you get breaded chicken.

According to KFC public relations rep Rick Maynard, the KFC double down sandwich consists of 590 calories, 31 grams of total fat, (10 grams saturated fat), and 190 mg of cholesterol, and an unknown amount of sodium. Nutritional information will be available when and if KFC goes national with their double down chicken sandwich.

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