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Cook Yourself Thin Lets you Have it All

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Cook Yourself Thin from Lifetime TV lets you have it all. The new series show teaches how to cook your favorite foods while trimming the calories and boosting flavor. The premise of the show is “clever cooking” Cook Yourself Thin takes good food and makes it great by making your personal favorites healthier.

Cook Yourself Thin is based on the popular cookbook, and based on the popular British TV show, claiming you can ‘Drop a Dress Size in 6 Weeks’. Recipes are adapted to add ingredients that produce flavor, while eliminating fat – for instance, by using fat free yogurt for marinades and dressings.

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Harry Eastwood, Allison Fishman and Candice Kumai are the stars of Cook Yourself Thin. All of the recipes in the cookbook are featured on the show, bringing one guest onboard each week to learn how to cook by adapting recipes to make them healthier. Calories are compared to the original, and the ‘thin” version, as ingredients are substituted. After six weeks of “cooking thin”, the show hosts visit their guests to check progress.

You can access Cook Yourself Thin at and get help to lose a dress size from $14.99/month at the link below. Even better, Cook Yourself Thin is recruiting, but clean out the refrigerator because the Cook Yourself Thin hosts will snoop around your kitchen. Each show also includes five ‘behind the scenes’ episodes featuring the show’s guests, including a look inside the fridge.

Healthy cooking, delivered on prime time TV by Cook Yourself Thin, lets you have all the taste you crave. This novel cooking show might be a huge step for helping all of us get back to our waistlines The show premiered May 4 - well worth the indulgence of sitting in front of the TV for thirty minutes, or you can just buy the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook.