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McDonalds Makes Eight for Healthy Foods

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Okay, they are talking about the new McDonalds, not the old for healthier eating – we can only surmise that is why McDonalds was chosen number eight for healthy foods, or even made the list.

McDonald fries are no longer cooked in unhealthy fats – McDonald’s uses canola oil – a huge change for the better. Happy meals come with apple dippers instead of fries, another change for the best, making for healthier kid’s meals.

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Apparently, the Egg McMuffin also compares favorably with only 300 calories, making it much lower in fat that other breakfast biscuits.

Paul Newman’s low fat balsamic vinaigrette is also available. The salads at McDonald’s are dark leafy green, making them much more desirable than salads construed of iceberg lettuce.

McDonald’s snack wraps are low carb. You simply have to pass up the large orders, and the foods at McDonald’s that we all know is laden with fat and calories.

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