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Atlanta Bread Rated Seven for Healthy Eating

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Atlanta Bread got kudos for serving muffin tops in the top ten healthy restaurants.

It seems the pumpkin muffin, with only 200 calories favorable compares to most muffins, containing up to 640 calories, depending what you choose.

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The heart healthy soups, sandwiches made with whole grain bread (yes, that is very good), and heart healthy soups put Atlanta Bread in the top ten for healthy eating.

Atlanta Bread does have an entrée of wild Alaskan salmon, grilled, and piled on a bed of greens with black bean and corn salsa. We would not argue with a choice like that –maybe three days a week.

Stay away from the pasta, pizza, chips and pretzels, and we might agree Atlanta Bread deserves a place you can get some healthy food.

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