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Chipotle Restaurant Offers Fresh Organic Antibiotic Free Fare

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Chipotle restaurant made number six on the list of the top ten healthiest restaurants to eat. Their food is prepared fresh, with a focus on organic, locally grown veggies.

Chipotle restaurant meats are antibiotic free and come from local suppliers, another good reason to consider Chipotle’s for dining out. It is not hard to get a low sodium fare with fresh ingredients, for anyone concerned about high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems.

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Chipotle is a buffet style restaurant, making it easy to overdo. If you have no control when you see food, we suggest you skip any sort of buffet. Portion control is important when making healthy food choices, and for keeping your weight in check.

Otherwise, for a large chain, Chipotle should agree with even the most discerning diner, concerned about the effects of eating antibiotic laden meats, and vegetables from unknown sources.

Load up with veggies, skip the chips, and enjoy the fare at Chipotle, rated number six among the top ten healthiest restaurants to eat.

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