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Sun Powered Oven Bakes, Steams, Boils and Saves Money

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Sun powered oven that works with solar energy

Check out the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® - a nifty and portable, 21-pound oven that uses solar power to cook just like a conventional oven. The sun-powered oven bakes, steams, boils and even acts like a slow cooker.

You may even find the sun oven can save money by lowering utility bills.

The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® has been around since 1986. A recent focus on reducing spending and increasing energy efficiency in the home may make the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® an appealing option for many.

You can use the sun oven year round. It folds up like a suitcase and weighs 21 pounds. Take it camping; use it at picnics, or as a backup in case of a power outage.

A very appealing feature of the sun oven is that your food will not burn. The environmentally friendly oven heats to 360-400 degrees for baking, but it will never burn your food. There is also no risk of fire.

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Once your food is inside the sun-powered oven, it never needs turning or stirring. The temperatures inside rise slowly, delivering even heat. The result is tastier food with better texture. Because no air enters the sun oven, food stays moist and flavorful.

The oven uses solar power to absorb heat. The black lining inside captures the heat without escape, through the glass door. Once the oven lining is saturated with heat (equal to solar heat gain), it is transformed into longer wavelength heat energy. Direct and indirect sunlight heats the oven through the glass door.

Slow cooking in the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® is easy. Let it remain thirty minutes in the sun until it heats. When you leave and come back, your food is cooked just like a conventional crock- pot. Use it like a conventional oven by following the sun. If you move the oven every thirty minutes, the cooking temperature increases. Winter cooking times are shorter when the humidity is lower.

Cooking times are about the same with the sun oven as with conventional ovens, except of course on cloudy days. According to the FAQS, the sun oven is ideal when put outside, focused on the mid-day sun. When you come home from work, you can have a flavorful, moist, nutritious sun cooked meal. The insulation in the sun oven keeps food warm for hours.

The manufacturers say the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® will last a lifetime with proper care. The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® seems to offer an environmentally friendly option that you can take anywhere to cook a healthy and nutritious meal.

Though meals may take a bit more planning, we think that harvesting the sun’s energy for cooking is a great idea that can help the environment, provide healthier meals, and cut down on utility bills.

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