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Tanda anti-aging light therapy treats acne and wrinkles at home

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Tanda skin therapy

The FDA approved Tanda anti-aging light therapy device is an at home treatment of acne and wrinkles. Blue light therapy has been studied and used for treating acne in skin care clinics and spas. The device has been available for purchase at Sephora, and widely sold on the internet. The Tanda anti-aging system uses LED light that when used daily is believed to stimulate collagen production and reduce acne causing bacteria.

The Tanda anti-aging light therapy system is portable, and plugs into the wall. Average retail price is $338. In addition to treating acne, light therapy smoothes the skins, improves texture, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

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The blue LED light kills acne causing bacteria without irritating the skin. The Tanda anti-aging light therapy can be upgraded as new skin therapy treatments are developed.

The temperature sensor automatically shuts off so there is no risk of burn. According to the manufacturers, Pharos Life Corporation, the Tanda anti-aging light therapy device will not dry out your skin unlike other acne and anti-aging skin care treatments.

The Tanda light therapy treatments can be used on the road, with a cordless option. It fits in your purse, and can be easily packed for travel. The blue light is used for acne treatment, and the red light is used to reduce wrinkles at home, on the road, and anywhere in between. Acne treatments have gained a lot of attention over the years. The Tanda light therapy system might help clear acne, and could improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles when used as directed. Laser treatments are also available to treat acne at home and for facial rejuvenation.