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Healthcare Poll shows over Half of Voters Support HR35-90 Repeal

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According to the Rasmussen Report, a healthcare poll shows that 55 percent of voters support repeal of the healthcare reform bill, HR35-90, signed this week by President Obama. Forty nine percent of voters who took part in the healthcare poll think their State should sue the government.

Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington are included among States announcing plans to sue the government, citing the requirement that all individuals to buy health insurance as unconstitutional. The healthcare reform bill surveys were conducted by telephone, showing that 53 percent of voters oppose being forced into buying health insurance.

The newest healthcare poll from Rasmussen took place the first two nights after President Obama signed the healthcare reform bill. Most of those who favor repeal are Republicans. For individuals unassociated with a political party, 59 percent would like to see the healthcare reform bill repealed, as do 59 percent of senior citizens who utilize healthcare services the most.

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The biggest objection from voters taking part in the healthcare poll is fear of increasing the federal budget deficit – expressed by 60 percent of voters, despite Congressional Budget Office projections to the contrary. Forty percent of individuals who took part in this week’s healthcare poll believe the newly signed bill is bad for the country.

“Generally speaking, the partisan and demographic breakdowns have shifted little since passage of the health care bill. Those groups who opposed the bill tend to support repeal and those who supported the bill oppose repeal”, according to the Rasmussen Report.

As far as the next election goes – 52 percent of voters would choose to elect a President in favor of repeal of the healthcare reform bill. The healthcare poll is an ongoing effort from Rasmussen that will be conducted weekly as long as HR35-90 healthcare reform bill remains a hot topic.

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This legislation is anti-american and needs to be repealed before it permanently damages our economy.
In 2 years most insurance cimpanies will be out of business with new regulations. Those who still in business will be forced to increase premium to the point that even with subsadies nobody will be able to afford it. So everything will lead to a distruction of the system. This will lead to a dramatic reform. Those who can afford will pay for the care they can afford. The rest will have medicaid. And this is a result. True marcet system. Peole just have to overcome an idiotic idea that not just medical care, but the best and very expensive medical care is a right.