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Healthcare Reform Bill Signed but Challenges Remain

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Today President Obama signed HR35-90 into law. Just after introducing President Obama, Joe Biden informed the President, “This is a big f’ing deal” - which indeed it is. Exuberance over signing of the healthcare reform bill is rampant in some sectors, but challenges still remain as 13 States seek to sue over the healthcare bill and Republicans seek to repeal elements of what President Obama called “the reality of reform”. Affordable health insurance will become a reality, but for President Obama, challenges still remain.

This year small businesses will receive tax credits in an effort to help employees obtain affordable health insurance. Individuals with health conditions cannot be “dropped” from health insurance plans, children can remain on their parents’ plan until age 26, and no longer will children with pre-existing conditions be denied health insurance. Next year Medicare recipients will get a $250 rebate to defray costs of the Medicare stage 2 coverage gap.

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In the meantime, Republican on the House Budget Committee, Rep. Paul Ryan (R) of Wisconsin says, “Obviously we’re not for keeping this law. We should repeal it and replace it with reform, but not just to go back to the status quo that we knew yesterday.” The legality of healthcare reform is even in question, and 14 States are ready to sue.

Penalties will be enforced for those without health insurance, mandated under the healthcare reform bill. Right now, no one knows how penalties for the uninsured will be enforced.

Democrats are happy, but Republicans are ready to challenge the healthcare reform bill. Joe Biden had a “moment” with the President, producing some needed levity.

Republicans are looking to ban ED drugs from sex offenders, repeal new powers given to the Secretary of HHS, while John McCain seeks to take out every “sweetheart deal” in the healthcare reform bill. Thirteen States filed suit just after the President Obama signed the bill. Even though the healthcare reform bill is “the law of the land”, and a “big f’ing deal”, challenges remain before affordable health insurance becomes a complete reality.



Well recxentkly i read in a report that the individual premiums of those of us over 50% will be unaffordable and make exchanges pointless and this part of the reform utterly insulting as per insurance index. Obama is mandating a hell for all of us. My partner cannot find a decent gynecologists and though we pay over 28k as we are over 55 she has to pay an extra thousand that should be covered. This will not change by 2015.