Biggest Loser Ranch in Utah Highlighted

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If you have yet to tune into the Biggest Loser for a peek at the fitness ranch in Utah, you should consider tuning in as the contestants return to the Utah fitness ranch tonight. The Biggest Loser Ranch in Utah is open to the public and is an option for anyone willing to get serious about fitness. Minimum stay for the general public is one week.

The beauty of the area makes the Biggest Loser Ranch in Utah a perfect place for hiking, Educational classes designed to instill lifestyle changes in eating habits, cardio aerobic activity, stretching, and group support could help anyone in a rut get a jump on fitness goals, even if the stay is short.

The Biggest Loser Ranch at Fitness Ridge offers healthy cuisine, some of the “best hiking in the world”, massage, acupuncture, facials, free bike rental, classes in Yoga, Pilates, strength training, and personal training for $45 per hour. Private hiking is $35 per hour and personal training classes are $45 per hour.


The Biggest Loser Ranch is touted as one of the most affordable weight loss programs in the country. A one week stay is just under $2000, and offsite accommodations yield a lower price. Prices are broken down into weekly increments and can be spread out to accommodate you schedule and personal goals.

Children and teens, age 14 to 17 can also visit the Biggest Loser Ranch in Utah, located in St. George, if accompanied by an adult. If you tune in to the Biggest Loser tonight you can get a first hand glimpse of The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge.

For anyone serious about weight loss and fitness, the Biggest Loser ranch in Utah might be well worth a consideration for your next vacation. Cutting disease risk and finding a lifetime of good health at the resort is driven by the same principles as the popular TV show the Biggest Loser. Weight loss and fitness is available to anyone, and is attainable for those who have no desire for publicity and cameras.