The 50 million pound challenge community

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The 50 million pound challenge weight loss program.

The 50 million pound challenge is a community effort to promote health and well-being through dietary and lifestyle changes. The online impetus not only focuses on weight loss, but it provides tools needed to continue a healthier lifestyle. You can gain support you might not otherwise find by going it alone. You also get a chance to lend support to others who take the 50 million pound challenge, expanding the benefits of joining.

The impetus behind the 50 million pound challenge is the soaring rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity among our children that will ultimately lead to a lifetime of health problems.

Ian K. Smith, MD is the founder and creator of the 50 million pound challenge, and the timing could not be better as waistlines expand, and unhealthy eating has spiraled out of control. Dr. Smith is the medical contributor to the Rachael Ray show, and current medical and diet expert on VH1’s highly-rated “Celebrity Fit Club”, making him the perfect partner for those seeking a healthier lifestyle with expert guidance.


The 50 million pound challenge website offers a free challenge kit. You can also download the challenge booklet before taking the leap toward weight loss and better health.

Dr. Smith recognizes the toll that being overweight and obese has on individual lives – it is not just about the individual though – it is about the community.

The impact of poor health from obesity and a sedentary lifestyle leads to increased spending, negatively impacts family members, and the community at large. It burdens our healthcare system.

The broad perspective presented by the 50 million pound challenge means you are doing more than just promoting your own well-being. The sum total of what the 50 million pound challenge offers is a dynamic community effort, a factor that can contribute to success with your individual goals. Take look if you want to take better control of your own life while helping others along the way.

50 million pound challenge