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Weight loss with 5 factor diet includes cheating

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The 5 factor diet

The 5-factor diet is now available online. Successful weight loss with this diet includes cheating. The diet was created for celebrities. The focus of the diet is eating healthy foods in small amounts, and frequently. The 5-factor diet promises weight loss and renewed energy. You should lose weight in five weeks.

Cheating is mandatory – one day a week you have to eat whatever you want. The 5-factor diet was designed for simplicity to help celebrities maximize nutrition, eat simply and remain healthy without feeling guilty for cheating. Getting into shape quickly and losing weight is mandatory for celebrities. The diet is supposed to do just that.

The founder of the 5-factor diet, Harley Pasternak comes with credentials. He holds a Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto, and an Honors Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario, making him a good candidate to teach healthy eating that facilitates weight loss. Pasternak is also the publisher of 5-Factor Fitness (Putnam, 2005) and 5-Factor Diet, and has made multiple television appearances. He also is a spokesperson for Nintendo’s Wii Fit, New Balance athletic footwear, and Coca-Cola’s Fuze sugar-free beverages, and has made appearances in more than 20 countries.

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With a focus on global obesity, the 5-factor diet is available for those interested in healthy eating without making sacrifices ( according to testimonials). One of the most appealing things about the diet is that “cheat days” are mandatory. Cheating on your diet is part of the weight loss plan.

Rather than spending hours at the gym, the 5-factor diet encourages short workouts. Harley Pasternak says weight loss is more effective with twenty-five minute workouts, combined with health meals, taken five times a day.

Foods that are part of the 5-factor diet include heart healthy fiber, good fats, low fat proteins, sugar free drinks, and healthy carbohydrates. Finding diets that work are not easy. You may want to consider the 5-factor diet because it makes sense, the food encouraged is healthy, and exercise is encouraged – all of which are ingredients for weight loss success.

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