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LED light and green tea cream erases wrinkles

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A new study from German researchers shows that LED (light-emitting diode) skin therapy, combined with cream made from green tea extract erases wrinkles. The result of using the LED light and green tea extract treatment for smoothing facial wrinkles could produce an alternative to invasive Botox and cosmetic surgery.

The researchers used the combination wrinkle treatment for one month. One volunteer was used. According to the report, the LED light and green tea extract cream smoothes the skin, and resulted in “less pronounced wrinkle levels, shorter wrinkle valleys, and juvenile complexion.”

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The LED light, green tea wrinkle therapy also worked ten times faster than using LED light that cause skin damage with overuse. The green tea extract, called green tea extract called epigallocatechin gallate, is a potent antioxidant. The combination of the two therapies reduced wrinkles

LED light therapy has recently been shown to reduce skin wrinkles, but also generates high levels of reactive oxygen species, that can lead to skin damage rather than wrinkle reduction.

The skin therapy reduced wrinkles in one-tenth the time needed if LED light therapy is used alone, providing a safe and effective skin wrinkle treatment. The researchers say the results could provide the framework for “an effective facial rejuvenation program” that works safely, and is non-invasive to reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin, and result in a more youthful appearance.

Source: ACS